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I'm a 50 yr old dad who's sons and business have kept me busy. I've dreamed of playing guitar and singing along from an early age. With very limited knowledge of playing, I reached out to Robert and I'm so glad I did. I'm two months of lessons in and I'm able to make some music!! I can't say enough about Robert's style, knowledge and patience!! He's truly a tremendous teacher and an even better guy!!!

Jeff D

Robert is a great guitar teacher!!!! We are amazed at how much our son has learned from him. Robert makes it fun, and our son really enjoys learning from him.

Julie and Matt H 

Robert is an amazing teacher with a great approach to teaching that really works . I learned more in a couple lessons from Robert then I did after what seemed like forever trying to teach myself. I highly recommend Robert for guitar lessons.

mark z 

Robert has a unique ability to disect what is heard in a song, instruct, via practical music theory, what is going on in the song and assist the student in practical application of playing the song. Our lessons were informative and fun. Best of all is his "Juniper Jam" to raise funds for a Veteran Charity. Students get to play with a real rock band, or just with Robert, on a stage and perform for friends and family.

W. K 

Robert is an excellent and patient teacher who I highly recommend to any age student. He is a passionate professional who really knows music .

Hal C 

 My experience could not have been better. I am older, well, a lot older than his usual student. He are encouraging, and lessons are fun! He knows the guitar & he knows music of all kinds. Whatever you want to learn, he is THE MAN! Patience is a virtue. Robert has patience. No matter your age, you Will learn to play.

Lynnette M 
Robert is a great teacher, very patient, sincere and has commendable teaching techniques. We drive an hour each week for lessons.

Sucheta C 

Robert is a great instructor, from his ability to break down a song by ear to his extensive knowledge of theory. Robert will aid you in meeting personal goals and provide you with the ability to share what you have learned with others. Robert can have you in front of people playing before you know it, if that is something you want to do. I have had several guitar instructors along the way, Robert has provided me with the most tangible, measurable instruction - bar none!

Greg S  

My son has been taking bass and guitar lessons from Robert for a year now. The growth has been phenomenal! Robert has great patience and is a wonderful teacher. My sons feels he has learned something new each week. The shows that Robert puts on for the kids are wonderful. Not only do they get to show off all their skills for a day they also give back to those in need. Such great lessons for these kids to learn.

Jenny S 

I can't stress enough how critical it is for any student to find a teacher that really connects with them at whatever learning stage they are, inspires them to learn, gets them excited enough to practice what they learned and to look forward to the next lesson. In our case Robert was that teacher. My eldest son took lessons with Robert for 3 years. Today at 13 my son plays like a pro practically any song he likes. Instead of waiting outside for my son to finish lessons I also took lessons with my him and despite my busy life Robert taught me enough to be able to play my favorite songs on stage with confidence. Robert makes guitar lessons highly interesting and we always walked out feeling very excited about what we learned. Robert is technically very savvy and used technology all the time to enhance the lessons. Every year he arranged 1-2 guitar concerts that offered students from basic to advanced levels an opportunity to play songs of their choice, on stage, with a live band, in front of a very supportive audience comprising of friends and families of all students - which gave us valuable stage experience and confidence to play. I strongly recommend Robert's lessons to everyone who is serious about learning guitar.

Pramod D 

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