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Teaching music for 27 years in 2017
Serving Carol Stream and surrounding communities. 
Weekly private lessons in my studio or your home. 1/2 Hr. and 1 Hour lessons.

Acoustic Guitar

Who doesn't want to bang on the drums all day? Drum lessons for beginners. This is where you start.

Since 1990

Beginner Drums

Bass Guitar

Acoustic guitar lessons. finger style, blues, rock, folk, reggae, classical, funk and more. Learn to play any style of acoustic guitar from classic to current.

Take your playing to the stage. We offer regular student rock and roll shows at popular venues in the suburbs.

Rock Band Ensemble

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Sept/Oct 2017

You (or someone you know) just got a guitar

or you are finally ready to play that guitar that has been gathering dust.

Now, how do you learn to play it?
Your musical guitar journey begins RIGHT NOW!  

You're serious about learning music and you need qualified instruction.  

Exclusive guitar lessons for you or your child in your home or my Carol Stream studio.

 - If you're looking for lessons for youself or your child...

-  If you're are not happy with where you're at with your guitar playing...
-  If you just started on guitar and want to get good fast...
-If you are using the internet and instructional books and still not getting it...

I have been helping people just like you for 27 years.

Guitar Lessons with Robert. Serving Carol Stream and surrounding communities. 
Private lessons in my studio or your home. Weekly half-hour and full hour music lessons.

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All Ages - Age 6 and up

"Don't just play guitar, become a guitar player"

Guitar Lessons with Robert   Teaching guitar since 1990.
All ages and abilities 
Beginners are guaranteed success
Learn guitar the fun and easy way - with a great teacher!
Individual lesson plans designed for each student based on your goals. 
Understand the secrets that make music work. 
Your successful journey to guitar playing starts today!

"By the end of our first lesson Robert had me playing music by my favorite band."

Electric and Acoustic Guitar & Bass Guitar Styles. I teach beginning drums as well.
Blues - Rock - Classical - Folk - Alternative - Country - Finger style - Metal - Funk - Jazz - More
Ages 6 and up. You can take Father/Mother Son/Daughter lessons too.

I primarily teach electric and acoustic guitar styles.
I also offer private one-on-one guitar, bass guitar & beginning drum lessons in your home or my Carol Stream studio.
I promise you or your loved one a great learning experience! 
Make your or their dream of playing guitar come true.

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"Robert is capable of teaching multiple guitar styles, and his skill is unquestionable."

My name is Robert. I've been teaching electric and acoustic guitar in DuPage County since 1990. I've been intrigued by guitar since I found my father's beat up Regal acoustic guitar ( his childhood guitar ) in his closet when I was very young. I had my first taste of real guitar lessons with that same guitar at the Carol Stream Park District. I bought my first guitar with paper route money in the 1970s. It was an electric Les Paul copy and it came with a small practice amp. The neighbor kid ( my guitar playing buddy ) and I learned Deep Purple's "Smoke on the Water". I was hooked on guitar for good.

"Whether you are just starting to play or an experienced guitarist I highly recommend Robert as your next guitar teacher."

We had so much great guitar music to listen to and play along with in the 1970's. Over the years I've explored many guitar styles from the old blues of John Lee Hooker and Muddy Waters, Buddy Guy and a million others, to James Brown funk, the early rock of Chuck Berry, Elvis Presley and Bill Haley, the finger style acoustic guitar ala Tommy Emanuel, James Taylor and Chet Atkins, country guitar of Johnny Cash and modern country of Brad Paisley, the metal of Metallica and Megadeth, the rock of just about everybody from the Beatles, Stones-Zep-Jimi-SRV-U2-Aerosmith-Creedence, Miles Davis and Grant Green Jazz, to the latest Avenged Sevenfold songs, you name it, I've played (most) of it.

I love to play and teach both electric and acoustic guitar. You can learn to rock with the band or get yourself a set of campfire sing-along tunes. Or, do both. My promise.

"The great thing about Robert is that he is a down to earth musician with amazing skills, who can somehow teach you chords/your favorite song/and guitar theory all at the same time. "

In 1990, I started to teach guitar. It was very slow at first. I had just finished college and still worked my regular day job. My path to teaching began with a neighbor wanting to learn a few songs. He then gave me a few referrals. Before I knew it, I was teaching ten students, adults and children, per week. The demand continued to grow through referrals. By the mid 90's, I had transitioned to teaching and playing music as a profession and a way of life. 

After years of teaching on my own, I switched gears and worked in the local music stores. I've taught locally at Wheaton's Suburban Music, Mar-Cole Music in Bloomingdale and Guitar E.R. in Lombard, Illinois. In 2006, both Mar-Cole Music (in business since 1959) and Guitar E.R. (in business since 1988) closed. 

I returned to teaching private lessons in 2006. I've taught music full-time for 25 years.

" feels as if Robert teaches because he truly enjoys helping others achieve their musical goals, and to me that makes all the difference. "

I teach private lessons in my professional home studio and many of my lessons are in my student's homes in and around DuPage. I always have a few available spots for aspiring guitarists. Check out the Student Testimonials page on this web site to see what my students have to say.

"If your child is thinking about taking up the guitar, I would highly recommend Robert as a teacher."

My students range from age 6 and up. I am especially good at teaching beginning students of all ages who have never touched a guitar before. I am also adept with the player who may have dabbled on the guitar for the last few decades and wants to take their playing and understanding to the next level.

I'm not only a teacher. I've performed nationally at music fests and have toured the country extensively playing music. I have been featured on VH1's and MTV's websites and many others, have had top ten college radio airplay and I am an Itunes Apple distributed artist with six cds currently on Apple's Itunes site. I have one more cd release coming this year. I am also a member of the songwriter's performing rights agency BMI, located in New York, New York. I love my music and enjoy sharing the passion for guitar.

"Within three lessons, my son went from playing

Twinkle Twinkle to Smashing Pumpkins and Weezer".

I promise you or your loved one a great learning experience. 
Make your or their dream of playing guitar come true.

Book your first lesson today!  

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Electric guitar lessons. Blues, rock, folk, reggae, metal, funk and more. Learn to play any style of electric guitar from classic to current. Beginner to Advanced.

 Dupage Guitar Lessons

Guitar lessons for ages 6 to adult. Teaching for 27 years.


Courses of musical study

Learn how to sing on stage and in front of the band or just improve your vocals skills.


Electric Guitar

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Put the thump into the jam. Learn bass guitar and get ready to rock the house...

Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Bass Guitar, Drums, Rock Band Ensemble, Vocals and Home Recording

Weekly Lessons In your home or my Carol Stream studio.  Serving Dupage since 1990.

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